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Hardcore Tunes

Some food for my iPod, to make traveling in “public transportation” bearable:

Delivery estimate: 8 Feb 2006 - 24 Feb 2006

1 "Hardcore Tunez Vol.3 [Mixed By DJ Silver and Impact & Resist]"
Various Artists; Audio CD; £11.83

1 "Hardcore Heaven Vol.2 [Mixed By Sy Brisk and Kevin Energy]"
Various Artists; Audio CD; £13.82

1 "Hardcore Nation Vol.2 [the Biggest Hardcore Anthems Ever - Mixed By DJ
Seduction,Stu Allan & Robbie Long/Parental Advisory]"
Various Artists; Audio CD; £10.85

1 "Next Generation Vol.3 [Mixed By Brisk and Ham]"
Various Artists; Audio CD; £8.87

1 "Bonkers Vol.15 [Legends of the Core]"
Various Artists; Audio CD; £12.83

1 "Helter Skelter Presents Hardcore Classics [Mixed By Billy ''daniel''
Various Artists; Audio CD; £12.83

Amazon Germany doesn”t seem to serve Hardcore, so i was quite surprised to see Amazon UK carrying my favorite music choice, and went to fresh up my CD collection. Now, Amazon, hurry and get them cd”s over here!

Wordpress 2.0

Seems like Wordpress 2.0 got released. The website is still a bit messy, but the download points to Version 2.0. Upgraded here already, which was extremely painless. Here is a list of what's new in Wordpress. Best thing so far: Built in Image Uploading!

Christmas Holidays

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas!

Me and my Brother visited my Parents. Was a bit to short, because of the weather predictions. We drive about 500 KM form Frankfurt to where my parents live, and i didn’t want to take the risk of driving in snow, with the rental car (We always rent a car from Avis, this time i got a Mercedes C Class again. Nice ride).

I had to rebuild the server my parents have at their place with leftover parts from my place. Now they got my old Dual PIII with about 300GB of disk space, which will be full in a couple of days…

At the moment i got “Lateshift” at work (from 14:00 till 22:30), with my collegues leaving at around 16:00. Boring. New Years Eve will be at home in Frankfurt, because i’m doing the phone duty, no party for me. Yey!

AJAX Webmailclient

If anyone needs a Webmail client, grab RoundCube! Even if it is not finished yet, it is awesome, and easily beats all the Webmail clients i’ve tested so far. I’m still searching for a web based Calendaring utility and a halfway descent contact management system…


Long time since i touched this for the last time. I had Drupal running here for some time, but it was broken into. (Yay for PHP Security problems.) So i went back to Wordpress, and on the way lost some of my entries from this year.

Vacation is over.

Well thats it again. A nice 2 week vacation is coming to it’s end. Tomorrow my workplace will have me back. Updating my iPod with a bunch of new songs for the daily travel experiences to and of work (you don’t really want to listen to the crap happening in public transportation in Frankfurt), and than kiss the lazy days goodbye. At 6:00 my alarmclock will ring me out of my way to short night. Wish me luck ;)


A good Sunday morning: Eating breakfast, drinking freshly made Coffee, reading Slashdot while listening to some tunes of Crystal method. Can a day start off better ?

Vacation and stuff.

I’ll have a two week vacation, starting this weekend. I will probably be playing Sacred and Starwars: Galaxies alot.
I’ve recently installed Sentry Firewall on my firewall machine. It is a CD Based distro, and needs no Harddrive to run. Also ordered a new Powersupply which should produce a lot less noise than the one that is currently in my main Workstation. Two Intel Gigabit NIC’s were on the shopping list too, to improve my NFS performance.

Back home

It was a relaxing weekend. Good to see my parents again, after a while. Only one appointment to fix someones computer :) Now back in busy Frankfurt of to work …

Feeling better.

Feeling better again (good enough to go to work). Driving to my parents over the weekend, that should be pretty relaxing. (At least if my mother didn’t make 1000 appointments for me to fix some peoples computers, i hate that).

New Games

Ordered two new games to play (non MMO). First one is Soeldner - Secret Wars which seem’s to be a good followup for Operation Flashpoint. The Second one is X2: The Threat which is a Space Simulation. Hopefully both games turn out te be worthy investments.


Finally updated my own RSS Feed to work, and create valid RSS. Also updated rssReader to include support for ‘content:encoded’.

Hardware order

Ordered a Samsung 160G Ide disk and a NEC1300A DVD burner. I ripped the two troublesome IBM Deskstar disks out of the server, and lost a whole bunch of data in the process. Hopefully the Hardware will arrive here this week.


Redone the display of comments a litte, to make it more readable (thx pekdon). Updated both my Server and my Firewall to Debian Testing. Debian Stable is getting a bit dated. Go Novell!. Novell working on Linux seems to be very good. I wonder if the next SuSE release will have Ximian Gnome as default desktop, and the (ugly) green replaced with the Novell-red.

New Layout

How do you like it ? Had to remove the shoutbox since it doesn’t really fit into the site. Not much going on today. Beeing lazy, and sitting at home playing some Earth and Beyond, and hacking on various stuff.


New (?) Linux-Art Kid on the Block ? Look at this website and see his cool icon themes, and other stuff. I’m using his Gartoon icon set on my Gnome desktop currently. Very Cute. Way to go!

Planet Gnome

Everyone interested in Gnome should read Planet Gnome. It is an aggregation-page with lots of Blogs of Gnome developers and other Gnome related news sites. Very interesting stuff over there.


Playing Need for Speed: Underground, and revived my Earth and Beyond account. Writing some PHP code for my website, and another project. Also fiddling more with Metacity/Gnome2 themeing. I don’t have enough time for all the stuff i have in my head and want to get done.

Scary Case modding.

This is a show of utter beauty. What people do as case “mods” is completely stunning. Hat’s off to this one.

It seems got another overhaul of their page. This design looks very good. Adds a corporate touch to the mozilla project.

Slight Recoloring

Markus found a nice Color Matching utility, which i promptly used to get the colors of my page in line. Looks good to me :)

Immer wieder gerne gelesen: Ach unser Jens …

Still alive

Yes, i am still alive. I just dont find the time or motivation to update this site. I have a 2 week vacation currently, beeing at home and relaxing a bit.


I really don´t have the time, or motivation to update this currently. Playing waaaaay to much Starwars Galaxies at the moment. I hope it will settle a little, and you´ll get more updates here in the future again.
On my workplace there are a lot of changes going on. We have merged with the OnVista Technologies. In the near future we will be running as IS.Teledata AG.

heat ....

Ok thats enough already! I don´t want this hot weather, i never wanted ! I want snow and ice, i want winter! Temperatures are above the 30° constantly, even at night. Stop it! NOW!

T-Online -> Arcor

I now have Arcor DSL at home. 1.5mbit/s Downstream and 256kbit/s upstream. Nice. Although it took them roughly 4 month to deliver …


Not much to tell atm. Still waiting for my Starwars Galaxies to arrive, and meanwhile playing Planetside alot. Still running RedHat + Ximian. Weather is fortunetly cooling down a bit here in Germany.


Made some minor alternations to the site. It should render in IE now properly.


As you all probably already know, i’m an ex Amiga user, and a big fan of the Music composed at that time (Especially Turrican and Gianna Sisters).
Here is a page with some of the tunes. He uploaded the soundtrack of the Purple Motion ‘Second Reality’ demo, which is one of my all time favs.
I’ll have to put a page up with a collection of my favourite music!


I´ve been ill the last couple of days. Working tody (a public holliday in germany). Not fun. The good thing is, i´ll have a 3 day weekend. I also have been playing EVE-Online a little more. I start to get a better feeling for it, and it seems to get more fun. If you also play, and speak german, please join the “Freibeuter” Corp, since we need more people :)

Search engines...

Somebody decided to enter “free porn xxx” into my shoutbox. Now the AOL Germany Search lists me on top.THERE IS NO FREE PORN HERE!
I’ve started playing EVE Online for a day or two, outside of beta. I’m not sure what to think about it yet, i wouldn’t recommend the game to anyone yet. Still waiting for Star Wars Galaxies to arrive.

Mozilla Firebird

Mozilla Firebird 0.6 was released. (thx mk). I’ve been compiling Firebird from cvs since a couple of weeks, since none of the builds have XFT and gtk-2 support compiled in, and i am very pleased with it.

Update:A shot is worth more than thousand words :)


Got a new MoBo + CPU from a collegue. This resulted in the rebuilding of a total of 3 machines :) fun. Now my server got a boost to a dual PIII. I’ve also installed OpenBSD on one of my boxen and made it my exclusive firewall. I am happy now :)


Wheeee! I finally have my DSL connection at home ! Thanks Telekom :) Also tweaked my site , since i have my CVS back up again. And i´m going on a vacation starting next week, for 3 weeks. Life couldn´t be better at the moment :)


Back to Enlightenment. I can´t stand any other WM. Gnome is slow and bloated. KDE just looks plain Ugly. Anything else just doesn´t feel right … Some themes: lockdown project, On other news: I still don´t have a DSL connection at home, at least there is ISDN. Arcor sucks. Took them 4 weeks to get their asses off, just to tell me i have to wait longer, since they made some mistakes. Back to Telekom again, they atleast got my ISDN running. DSL connection is due to 11.April. Let´s see how this works out. I´m getting tired of not having DSL at home.


We settled in our new home in Frankfurt/Höchst now. The only problem left is, i have no DSL at home :( . Hope this changes in the near future.

Moving done

So our move is finally over. We got everything over to our new home, and almost got everything unpacked already. No DSL connection in my new home yet, hopefully arcor won´t take toooo long to setup my connection.


Ah, forgot to tell that i’m hopefully signing a contract for my new home this saturday, hope all goes well. Than the unfunny ‘moving’ part starts as soon as the contactual stuff is solved. Anyone in Frankfurt wants to give me a hand or two ?


I’ve been using Gnome 2 for quite a while now, and feel very comfortable with it. I think it finally replaced Enlightenment on my desktop, although ii sometimes feel the urge to switch back :) Nautilus is getting faster, metacity finally got user-definable keybindings, and Multihead support is usable at last. I don’t miss anything i had with Enlightenment so far. I think i’ll stick.


After living in Frankfurt “Rödelheim” for about two years now, i’ve decided to relocate to some other place in Frankfurt. Hope to find some nice appartment here for me and my gf. fingers crossed


Just a couple of hours of work left before the Weekend. My parents are coming to a visit. I guess it’ll be fun.


Hehe, forgot to enable the shoutbox, too ;) It’s up now, again. Scribble your a** away!

new design ....

I felt like whipping out a new html template for my page. The result is what you see, hope you like it.

Back home

Yes, i´m back home in Frankfurt again. Christmas with my parents was fun. Still a week to relay, than back to work, again … sigh


Yes! I am still alive. Going to visit my parents next week to take a few days off, celebrating Christmas. Not doing much computer related stuff at home atm. Mostly working.

Busy busy

I’m quite busy atm ;) Looks like babyhead released his “23 Ounces Of Glass” enlightenment theme.


Not much to tell atm, i’m not really in the mood to scribble things into my log. Anyway, if you are here for your daily E16 Theme fix, take a look at this !!! It is one awesome E16 theme, well done baby.. erm Pixelmasochist ;)


To speed up Mozilla surfing, if you have a relative fast connection, and host mozilla runs on, add user_pref(“nglayout.initialpaint.delay”, 0); to your user.js, and restart your browser. Here is some more explanation of this trick.

Thats it

So, my vacation is over. Back to work again.

My parents

Everytime my parents come to a visit, it results either in me spending shitloads of money, or fiddling with hardware. This time it was hardware. They’ve decided to want yet another pc at home. Geeee, so they now have a server connected to the T-DSL, and two workstations connected via 100mbit. Is this normal, or are my parents way to l33t ???


It has been quiet here, i know :) I’ve been playing Earth and Beyond a lot. It’s a very fun and relaxing game, where i met some cool people. Not much more happening here at the moment, i’m just relaxing. A week to go, weeee ;)

xmms Skin

Just found a matching Winamp/XMMS skin for the K10K enlightenment theme, over at

Chris Hülsbeck

Aaaah, good ol’ amiga times… Stumbled across this in a local cd store, and guess what. I had to take this home. Worth it. Did i mention how much i love the Turrican sounds ?? Guess i have to buy more from Chris Huelsbeck.


How come that everytime you plan on taking a few days off, everybody in the company decides “oh wait, i’ve still got work for him to do”. Not funny.


Made my switch today, should be seemless since i’ve mapped most of my old urls to the new page. If you find any strangeness on my page, please leave a note.


A week left, till i have a two week break from work. Hopefully it will be an “easy” one. Still doing a litte work on my new page, i am very happy with the outcome so far.

I’ve added pinging support to Thanks to this guy it was just a matter of cut and paste.

Rewrite again

I’ve been working on this for the last two or three days. It’s a complete rewrite of my php scripts. This time everything is done with the smarty template engine. The site is a lot faster than the current one, and is also more maintainable. As soon as all functions are working, i’ll switch over.

xmms -> mysql

Playing around a bit with xmms. I put the tunes i play into a mySQL table. Here is what i’ve played so far :D (This page is located on my DSL Line, so it’s probably offline)


Did some minor updates to my site. I’m using CSS heavily here, so you’re probably looking at a mess with old browsers ;) Well you know where to find mozilla.

Mozilla skins

This mozilla skin really cought my eye. It is one of the first skins for mozilla that really look good (bye bye classic). Unfortunetly it doesn’t work with 1.2+.

Slow on updates

I´m a bit lazy with updates on this site at them moment. Working on some PHP stuff, which i won´t tell anything about right now. Not much happening on the ‘theme’ related side either. I need some inspiration for a new theme, which i didn´t come along yet.


Rot-Grün kann also weiter regieren. Ein glück. Hier gibts mehr zu lesen.


…Matrix… I don’t know how often i’ve seen this film, but i can’t seem to get enough from it. It gets better everytime you watch it.


Well there haven’t been a lot of quality winamp/xmms skins on devART lately. Today i found this one which is really awesome. Just wanted to share it with you :)


What a nice, lazy day. Just hangin around and chillin. That’s how i like my weekends :)

Macro lens

I´ve got my Olympus MCON-40 Macro lens today. Lets see if i can take a couple of closeup pictures with that :)

mozilla application

I’ve ordered myselft this book from O’Reilly. XUL here i come !! Unfortunetly it is due to be shipped in late october …

darn slashdot

Because of this story on slashdot, i can’t listen to my favorite shoutcast stream anymore, cause it’s full. hrmpf !


After hours of copying data from one disk to another, i’ve got my fileserver back up. Now with my $home beeing on a Software RAID1. Hopefully this will survive a disk crash.


Looking through my referer statistics i’ve seen boris has linked to me ;) He’s got a blog, too ! yay

new feature

As you have probably already noticed, i’ve added a calender to my navigation. This way you can select single days/month of my blog. It’s dog slow, but who cares :)


Do the weekends get shorter or what ? Well, i didn’t get to shoot some photos, saturday was a cloudy day, and today i could get my butt out. Maybe during the week :)

... mazen

Mazen the dumbnut tried to update php on this very machine. Well the result was of course, a not properly working php installation. /me kicks mazen repeatly in his butt.

more phoenix

this customize toolbar feature of phoenix is really a nice thing !! i’ve stripped everything from my toolbars that i don’t need. Look for yourself :)


Die woche ist endlich zuende. Wurde auch nötig zeit, noch länger hätte ich es kaum ausgehalten.

mozilla day

Strange, i just stumbled over a cool feature in Mozilla. I´m not sure since when it is available, but if your focus is in the browser window, and you start typing stuff, mozilla just looks for a link that matches what you type. Take a look at your status bar. Weird, but cool and useful! I found a link describing it.


Es gibt also endlich nightly-builds von Phoenix, dem nachfolger vom mozilla-browser, das ding ist verdammt flott.


Bisschen lau im moment. Bin froh wenn Wochenende ist, und ich endlich mal wieder ausschlafen kann. Waren gestern Bierchen trinken, mmmmm. Mein CLA-1 / Polarizer Filter für die c4040Z sind auch gekommen, werde wohl am Wochenede mal ein paar Aufnahmen von FFM machen, falls das Wetter mitspielt.

erster schritt

Ok. Habe erstmal meine PHP scripte so angepasst das nun ein tag mehrere einträge haben kann. Der erste Schritt ist getan :)

bloggen ?!

Hhhhhm, ich frage mich ernsthaft ob ich hier auch mal mehr “bloggen” sollte. So recht weis ich es noch nicht :) Muss erstmal meine site multilingual machen, damit ich wenigstens in deutsch bloggen kann, hab aber “keinen bock™”. Doomi hat auch ein blog!

yet another theme site

So yet another theme site opened to the public. Head over to and take a look. I am not really certain if i will upload my stuff there, since i don’t like to maintain 1000 websites were i uploaded my themes. Also the look of the site doesn’t really apply to me (to M$ xp’ish). But decide yourself.


Die blog-sucht geht in um. Mark hat eins, se- auch, mazen sowieso, hugo natürlich auch. Jemanden vergessen?

JENS for president.

Aus aktuellem anlass, muss ich hier auch mal Öffentlich für Jens werben. Hier die Seite zum Thema, und hier gibt es das Wahlprogramm. Über Punkt eins muss ich mich allerdings noch mit dem Welthersch0rr streiten. (wer all das nicht versteht, egal, das tut keiner)

a few days off.

Well, i’ve got a few days off of work. I’ve downloaded and installed the RedHat Null Beta, which imho, is very nice. The common Look&Feel throughout the Desktops (KDE/Gnome) is very nice. Also the configuration of hardware is very easy. I think i’ll keep it on my Notebook. You certainly see that Garret now works for RedHat, good job ! I need to port the Metacity theme (Bluecurve) over to Enlightenment ;)


Hey folks ! I’m back in germany now. Had a good time in the US. here are a couple of fotos i made. It was way to hot there, always around 90°F and more.

USA Trip

I´m currently in the USA again. Staying in NewYork state for this week, to do some work for a partner Company of my employer. Therefore there will not be much happening here, since i´m rarely connected to the net. Also all of my projects are of course on ice currently. I´ll be putting up some Photos as soon as i´m back in germany.


Wooow, go here and download some awesome free music! Check out the “The Great Gianna Sisters”, i love it :)


I’ve uploaded the theme to deviantart, finally. Hope you like this version. Thanks to everyone for the comments! The theme on this site is updated too, of course…

nearly there

I’ve uploaded a new version of the k10k theme, it’s nearly done. I’m not quite happy with the iconbox and also uncertain about the pagerborder. Any hints ?

k10k theme

I’ve been away over the weekend, so no work done on the k10k theme. I decided to upload in the hope to get some feedback of you guys. There are a couple of minor things missing, which i hope i’ll be able to update in the next couple of days. Grab it in the themes section, and tell what you like/dislike.


I got an email from one of the k10k guys, with the permission to distribute the theme. Very cool ! I have some minor fixes left to do, and then i’ll release it.

smallish update

Just a small update on the progress of the theme, as you can see on the image i replaced the window buttons with bigger ones, i like these more :) I’ve sent a mail to the k10k Staff, hopefully their answer will be positive.

weekend work

So i am working on a new enlightenment theme as you can see in the Screenshot. It’s based on the Kaliber10000 website, from whom i need to get permissions, before uploading it here, firts. Tell me your thoughts !!

.... enlightenment

Well, i think it is an addiction. After using Gnome2/Metacity for a couple of days, i realised that it is not my working environment of choice. I decided to switch back to Enlightenment once again … Someone please pick up the development of this wonderful WindowManager !!


This is absolutely empressive work. Jimmic is a master! I’ve installed Gnome2 yesterday, and i must say i am very pleased with it so far. Metacity is a nice and fast Windowmanager. Xinerama support isn’t really good in the version i use, hopefully this will be fixed. You should give Gnome2 a try!

new screenshot

After seeing this at Markus page, i’ve decided to give Rox a try. I’ve been using efm in the past, but it is a real memory hog, and leaks like hell, not to mention there is no development going on anymore. Neat thingie, really fast and easy to configure. The only thing that bugs me a bit, is the missing keybindings hint. I’ve also switched my Distribtion on my main WS to Gentoo linux. I Like emerge, although you should have a relative fast CPU, since every package is compiled on your machine.

New machine!

Well, a couple of weeks ago, i’ve purchased a SGI O2 from eBay (hi Martin :)). Lovely beast. Unfortunetly the package delivery broke the case, and i am in the need for a new one (onyone out there willing to send me an O2 case?). here are some photos of the misery. The machine itself is very nice, R5000/180MHZ with 160MB Ram. I replaced the original 4.5GB SCSI drive with a 9GB Seagate Cheetah.

Gorilla theme Updated

I have just uploaded an updated Gorilla etheme. Minor fixes here and there. The next thing will be the dialogs. Enjoy!

Linuxtag 2002

I’ve been on the Linuxtag 2002 on Saturday and Sunday. Mainly to see the guys from Also met Rasmus Lerdorf, and some other cool guys, working on PHP. See some photos here. Had a great time there.

Mozilla 1.0

Yay, it’s finally there. Mozilla 1.0. I used the nightly builds over the past couple of month’s and have never ever used another browser since. I hope we’re going to see some browsers based on the gecko engine (i don’t like galeon). So head over to and grab the 1.0 release, you won’t be disapointed :)

Blade 2 Soundtrack

Wow, very cool tracks on this cd i got lately. Well worth my money ;) Unfortunately the film on DVD is not out yet, i love it !

Quiet time.

Not much to tell you at the moment, i am at home celebrating my parents 25’ wedding. Also i ordered myself some new Hardware from eBay, i’ll surely tell you what, if it has arrived. was also moved to freshmeat now, finally a stable platform for themeing, time to reupload my stuff there too. Hopefully this solution will last longer.

Messing with my page.

Well, i guess everithing is going to settle down now. I will hopefully update my page a little more often in the future. As you can see, i redid the design, again. After i redid my entire backend, it’s really easy for me to fiddle with the html code, since the page is template-based now. I should release the source to the page, but it’s such a mess… I want to add a selector for you, to select which design you like. To prove it, here a link to the old design, and another one here. But at the moment only the mainpage works as expected.

Back and kicking -)

Well, after a couple of weeks of silence, i finally managed to get my pages up and running again, still working on a lot of missing stuff, today i finally got an admin interface up. Well a lot happened in the last couple of weeks. Most important was my visit to New York. WOW! I’ve spent 2 weeks there, to do some work related stuff and managed to take a look at the country. I’m completely overwhelmed … I need to get back there, soon! Lots of photos here. Hope you like them.


Yipiiiii, so i’ve some time off my job. Three weeks of vacation, dunno exactly what to do yet, maybe finally, after a year, walk around in Frankfurt, to find some cool places. Also some Family visiting is on my plan. But for now, i’ll just hang around a little … I’ve finally uploaded LiteGnome to, let’s see if it gets approved by the admins.

Stuff ..

Well, so i’ve been playing around with Fireworks and Photoshop a bit lately. Nice apps, but i still prefer The Gimp. Trying to get my WindowsXP as much Linux as possible, although it is actually running linux most of the time. Been playing a lot lately, wasted my time with Tony Hawks on the PS/2 and Empire Earth on my PC. Both great games, very addictive :).

I’m also working on a new layout again, this time hopefully something more Graphics. Look at my Brothers page, nicely done eh ?!

Guestbook is up now too, it was a quick hack, took me only 10Minutes. Well enough babbling for now.

Not much to report

Really busy lately … We´ve moved to our new office in the last weeks, but this is all finished now. Hope it settles all now. Already working on some PHP and Perl stuff, so it must be good :).
If there is any request, i would give you the PHP source to my page, maybe someone can use it.
It´s snowy here in Frankfurt atm, and really cold, i like this waether, although not while i am on the road. Happy new year and such, to all of you!

News, news, news ....

Various stuff to report :) Got out and got a new Digital Camera, since i gave my old one to my parents. It’s a Olympus C4040Z, 4.1Mpixel, really nice camera, although i did not really had a change to use it, yet.
Well, we got our second DSL at home yesterday, my housemate and i connected them to our very own servers now, so 768kBit/s dedicated for me now, l33ch time :))
I’m still quite busy workwise, got no change to do any non work related stuff, other than reading mails. (And darn, RTCW is really bugging me :) )


Well seems to be fully functioning, i’ve already uploaded my DreamWorkSE theme to e.t.o. The neyt will be LiteGnome, i’ll finish it over the week, and try to upload it by the weekend. The only things left are Eterm auto mode, and Epplets (shrug).
I will also work some more on my perl script, i’ve seen garrett’s nice overview page, maybe i’ll add some sort of php frontend to my script, hhhhm, let’s see, tips and hints welcome.

Amiga ...

Heeelp, i’ve heard this song on scenemusic (it is an amiga mod: apt-get install xmp) and got warped back to my good old amiga times. Goddamn i LOVE this sing, also got some Turrican songs, geee, time to get uae running, and play those games …

threw away the old ...

so, as you see, i threw away the greenisch design, it sucked. I just use this for the time being, hope you like it ..

Backend rewrite

So, my rewrite of the backend php code is almost done. I can now easily change the frontpage and layout, include a few lines of php code, and poof my page is filled with content..
To prove it, here is a design which i got from oswd, i removed some unneeded stuff from it, included my 4 line php code, and done …
Aaaaah, nice :)

Finally done with the redesign

So, here we are, i’ve been quite busy this week, workwise. But i managed to redo my site again, i’ve also reworked most of my backend php code, and a bit of the database was redesigned too. I need to fill these pages with some more content, but it’s a start. The shoutbox is gone, dunno where to fit it into this site.

Hardware failure

Darn, i went offline for about two days, because of a disk failure on my Fileserver … It sucks not to have ANYTHING on my workstation, all the files are on the server, since i mount my home via nfs from there … Reminds me to do some backups, but hell, how does one backup 150GB of data ??? Hints welcome .. I went out and got a pair of new disks, and managed to copy my data over to there, since the defective drive only went offline after a couple of hours … (lucky me :) )

Well everything is back to normal now …

Did i mention how i love LVM+XFS ? Its great, i had my home

on a single 15GB disk which went full, just got a second disc, added it to the Volume Group, did a LVS expand, after that a xfs_growth, and pooof, my home was suddenly 56GB of storage, all without unmounting the volume ..

Back i am ...

Here i am, back from my vacation, it was good, just did NOTHING at all :) Phun …
Well, i think i am going to do a new E-Theme soonish, a theme which will combine all of the themes i like, i just hacked up another borderstyle in less then an hour, but i think i’ll work on this on the weekend.
I need to do theme with all the features E provides (like Eterm auto mode, epplets … etc) otherwise won’t accept it, damnit …

Also did some work on my site again, added a little administration interface, so no more fiddling with phpMyAdmin anymore … Niiiiiice …

On vacation ...

No news in some time.
Well i’m home at the moment, with my parents, the waether sucks a little, but heck, who cares :). Well i think i am Addicted!! Somebody should seriously sue DMA Design for bringing us Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA3). This game is one of the most exciting games i have played in quite some time … My PS2 is running all the day … Damnit!!!
If you own a PS2, go and buy this game !!

Again a new layout ...

Goddamit !! I should really do something usefull instead of redoing my page every now and then, but the old design started to suck a litte… So here we are, i hope you like this one too !
Caution!! Do not try to view this with nutscrape, get yourself a decent browser … NOW!
I also got my Archos Jukebox 6000 yesterday, what a fine piece of hardware … 6GB of mp3 in your hand, i love it !!

Updates people!

Wheeee, working on the LiteGnome theme alot, it looks great IMHO …
Also some more work on the pages.
And, a new update to, we’re now at version 0.7.1, nearly 1.0 ;), well a couple of nice features were added..

Working on themes, and website

Hey, i’ve been working on my website again, modified the backend code a litte, so it’s easier to maintain.
I also had time to work on a new theme, LiteGnome is a nice, clean and rather smallish eDR.16 theme.

Working on themes.

It’s weekend, and that means it’s time for some serious work ;).
I’ve been working on my Ace theme today, fixed up a few bugs, and added some new borders.

Furhter updates

I keep updating my page wow. Well i altered the Links a bit, you will only see 8 links on the main page, the rest is hidden under the more link. Also a new colorstyle, which is not quite perfect yet .
I start thinking of doing a new ‘C’ project again, i think i’ll do a port of XXCalc, which is a nice skinnable calculator for windows, this way ..
Also, i will get my Archos Jukebox (hopefully this week), we ordered it within our company ..

Further tinkering with the Page

Redid some parts on the design of the page, i think it looks better now, try the black & white style, looks nice.
Also again spend money for useless hardware (darn), i ordered a Archos Junkebox 6000, a 6GB MP3 Player, can’t wait to get it.
Update: Well, at least i thought to get this player, today i get a mail, that the beast is not delivered anymore … DAMNIT

Thats about all ..

New feature

Hi people!
I’ve added a new smallish feature to my page, everytime i’ll do a screenshot in the future, you will also have the possibility to download the images and skins i used at the time of the shot. Just try it, and tell me how you like this ;)
Nice day, every1 !!

Minor updates.

Well, i’ve added some new content to the page, also uploaded the rest of my Ethemes. Assorted filez will follow. Also my bro’ got a new domain, well a real stupid one, he thought his 1337 factor will go up by this, guess not :) lol
I do have a rdf interface now too.

Not much more to say at the moment …

Markus got me ;)

Well looks like Markus found out about my ‘ripoff’ shortly before i mailed him. Luckily he doesn’t really mind, at least thats what he told me!
So, thanks Markus !

New design

New day, new design :) Well i hope you like this one as much as i do, the old one was completely unviewable with good ol’ netscape, this should be better now. Well, it’s basically a ripoff of a site that impressed me today hope you don’t mind mk :), The commenting system does not yet work, but should be up soon.Update:Yust finished the commenting system, so, USE IT :)
Also i have been working on a little lately, added some nice new features to it, i’ll release a new version soon.

New Case

Well yeah, what shall i say, i had a little money left to spent :)

And got a really nice new Case, after lots of them, i finally got one which i really do like. It’s one of those Coolermaster aluminium cases. Here is a image of the case itself, and this photo shows the interior and wiring of my workstation. And finally here is the complete set of images. It hase exactly 4 fans, and another 2 fans in the powersupply, ok it’s a bit noisy, but it cools down the machine quite well.

Some Updates

Well, i’m currently somewhat lazy in updating my page. I need to add some nice graphics to it, and check the netscape compatability, since i created it using my favorite browser Mozilla. Finally decided to buy myself a Notebook, after some thinkering, i decided to throw my money at Compaq. I got a Compaq Presario 17XL400, it’s a PIII850 with 256Megs Ram, Linux runs on it quite nice. I’m going to write some more details of it soon, since it is quite a task to install Linux on this beast.

New Page

Yep, as you can see, the page moved to a location closer to me, i’ve updated the page design once again, since most of the old stuff is gone, sorry for that.
this page is not yet finished as you can see, but when i find some time i’ll update it, promised!

That’s all for now