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Hardware order

Ordered a Samsung 160G Ide disk and a NEC1300A DVD burner. I ripped the two troublesome IBM Deskstar disks out of the server, and lost a whole bunch of data in the process. Hopefully the Hardware will arrive here this week.


Got a new MoBo + CPU from a collegue. This resulted in the rebuilding of a total of 3 machines :) fun. Now my server got a boost to a dual PIII. I’ve also installed OpenBSD on one of my boxen and made it my exclusive firewall. I am happy now :)

New machine!

Well, a couple of weeks ago, i’ve purchased a SGI O2 from eBay (hi Martin :)). Lovely beast. Unfortunetly the package delivery broke the case, and i am in the need for a new one (onyone out there willing to send me an O2 case?). here are some photos of the misery. The machine itself is very nice, R5000/180MHZ with 160MB Ram. I replaced the original 4.5GB SCSI drive with a 9GB Seagate Cheetah.

Hardware failure

Darn, i went offline for about two days, because of a disk failure on my Fileserver … It sucks not to have ANYTHING on my workstation, all the files are on the server, since i mount my home via nfs from there … Reminds me to do some backups, but hell, how does one backup 150GB of data ??? Hints welcome .. I went out and got a pair of new disks, and managed to copy my data over to there, since the defective drive only went offline after a couple of hours … (lucky me :) )

Well everything is back to normal now …

Did i mention how i love LVM+XFS ? Its great, i had my home

on a single 15GB disk which went full, just got a second disc, added it to the Volume Group, did a LVS expand, after that a xfs_growth, and pooof, my home was suddenly 56GB of storage, all without unmounting the volume ..

New Case

Well yeah, what shall i say, i had a little money left to spent :)

And got a really nice new Case, after lots of them, i finally got one which i really do like. It’s one of those Coolermaster aluminium cases. Here is a image of the case itself, and this photo shows the interior and wiring of my workstation. And finally here is the complete set of images. It hase exactly 4 fans, and another 2 fans in the powersupply, ok it’s a bit noisy, but it cools down the machine quite well.