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Picasa to Flickr

Since i use Picasa to Upload my Photo's these days, i needed something to keep Flickr updated as well. Being the lazy ass i am, i built this little tool to do it automatically.

Put it on Github, as other people might find it useful too.

CBeerta/Picasa-To-Flickr - GitHub

Picasa-To-Flickr - Copy Public Photos from Picasa to Flickr


Cool Stuff. open source Hardware. Will definitively be ordering one, once they're available


Interesting stuff. Something worth following, especially if plugins for FF and Chrome are built to share Bookmarks.

Discover ownCloud

Features. Current file management, WebDAV access, sharing, music streaming, calendar, contacts, users & groups, OpenID, LDAP, WebFinger, remoteStorage compatibility In development image gallery, o…