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I’ve gone back to playing Eve Online a bit, and Work kept me busy for a while, so not much going on on the ‘Wiki’ front. I’ve indeed startet to work on my own Wiki style app (as mentioned in my previous post, everything available just didn’t fit my needs), i’ll post a bit more info on it as soon as i get time to work on it again.


I’m not at all in the mood to update my weblog currently…
I’ve uploaded a bunch of Screenshots of my Lineage II life.

Lineage II cont.

Playing waaaay to much Lineage II. I have had absolutely no time/motivation to do anything php related the last couple of days, and fear it will be the same the next couple of days/weeks/months depending on the long-term motivation of playing L2. Mazen Build us a Clansite at game-center, so if you play L2 and feel like talking to us, visit the site.

I’ve installed MPD Music Player Daemon plus a soundcard and some Speakers on my Server at home, and am very happy with it. No more stopping music while rebooting/reinstalling my workstations. There is a PHP Class to communicate to the MPD, which already is pretty ok, but needs to be extended by some functions (mainly playlist management) and if i had mentioned motivation, i would probably do so….

Lineage 2

Playing Lineage 2 Open Beta at the moment. It’s a PvP centered MMORPG, very fun. Also working a bit on a PHP Blosxom Blogging tool, with Smarty support, maybe i can even release it in some distant future, if there is any interest.


Playing Need for Speed: Underground, and revived my Earth and Beyond account. Writing some PHP code for my website, and another project. Also fiddling more with Metacity/Gnome2 themeing. I don’t have enough time for all the stuff i have in my head and want to get done.


I really don´t have the time, or motivation to update this currently. Playing waaaaay to much Starwars Galaxies at the moment. I hope it will settle a little, and you´ll get more updates here in the future again.
On my workplace there are a lot of changes going on. We have merged with the OnVista Technologies. In the near future we will be running as IS.Teledata AG.

More StarWars Galaxies

Still playing SWG like mad. It is really great. We have moved to the ‘Gorath’ server, my char is still Kyara.

An old collegue of me worked for Mozilla doing mainly Cryptographic stuff in Moz, got laid off, and started his own project on Mozilla. You can see it here. It is a stabelized version of 1.3.1. When i have some time to spare, i´ll compile a XFT + GTK2 version, and upload it here.

StarWars Galaxies

The long wait is over. I couldn´t stand it any longer and grabbed a copy off eBay (a bit expensive, but who gives). Yesterday was my first day on Naboo. I love it already. This game is massively addictive, can´t wait to get home and play more. If you want to meet me in SWG, i´m on the eclipse server, and my char is ‘Kyara’.


There were very few games in my life, to which ive looked forward to.EVE-Online is one of those games. A space based MMORPG very similar to Earth&Beyond, that i am currently playing. But that game sounds so promising, unfortunetly it will hit the shelves in march, so there is some time left to look forward :(

Back from the death

The initial enthusiasm for Earth and Beyond settled a bit now. It has been fun to play this game, but it is starting to get repetitive, and a little boring too. Hope EA gets up some new Content soon. Dusted off my Motor City Online which i bought in the states but never got to play it, since i didn’t understand what a “MMORPG” is. It is quite a fun game, not as crowded and laggy as EnB. Also modded my case a bit last week, this is how my main workstation looks like.


It has been quiet here, i know :) I’ve been playing Earth and Beyond a lot. It’s a very fun and relaxing game, where i met some cool people. Not much more happening here at the moment, i’m just relaxing. A week to go, weeee ;)

more EnB

Damnit, this game is really addictive. I can’t stop playing it. If you play EnB too, i’m Amg (obviously :)) just give me a /tell ;). No time to speak more, have to improve my skills.


I ………….. must ………….. play.

Earth and Beyond

I´ve ordered myself Earth and Beyond, a MMORPG, today. Hopefully this will keep me from getting bored in my holliday. It´s the first game in this genre i´ve ever played. I´ve never been a real fan of RPG games, but since this plays in space, and leaves me plenty of freedom, i figured, “hell why not”. Let´s see if this works out ;)


Again 2 hours lost playin this game.