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Back to Enlightenment. I can´t stand any other WM. Gnome is slow and bloated. KDE just looks plain Ugly. Anything else just doesn´t feel right … Some themes: lockdown project, On other news: I still don´t have a DSL connection at home, at least there is ISDN. Arcor sucks. Took them 4 weeks to get their asses off, just to tell me i have to wait longer, since they made some mistakes. Back to Telekom again, they atleast got my ISDN running. DSL connection is due to 11.April. Let´s see how this works out. I´m getting tired of not having DSL at home.

nearly there

I’ve uploaded a new version of the k10k theme, it’s nearly done. I’m not quite happy with the iconbox and also uncertain about the pagerborder. Any hints ?

k10k shot

Geeez, i really needed to upload a new screenshot Just showing off the theme í’m currently working on. Enightenment rulez my desktop.
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weekend work

So i am working on a new enlightenment theme as you can see in the Screenshot. It’s based on the Kaliber10000 website, from whom i need to get permissions, before uploading it here, firts. Tell me your thoughts !!

.... enlightenment

Well, i think it is an addiction. After using Gnome2/Metacity for a couple of days, i realised that it is not my working environment of choice. I decided to switch back to Enlightenment once again … Someone please pick up the development of this wonderful WindowManager !!

Gorilla theme Updated

I have just uploaded an updated Gorilla etheme. Minor fixes here and there. The next thing will be the dialogs. Enjoy!


Well seems to be fully functioning, i’ve already uploaded my DreamWorkSE theme to e.t.o. The neyt will be LiteGnome, i’ll finish it over the week, and try to upload it by the weekend. The only things left are Eterm auto mode, and Epplets (shrug).
I will also work some more on my perl script, i’ve seen garrett’s nice overview page, maybe i’ll add some sort of php frontend to my script, hhhhm, let’s see, tips and hints welcome.

Updates people!

Wheeee, working on the LiteGnome theme alot, it looks great IMHO …
Also some more work on the pages.
And, a new update to, we’re now at version 0.7.1, nearly 1.0 ;), well a couple of nice features were added..

Working on themes, and website

Hey, i’ve been working on my website again, modified the backend code a litte, so it’s easier to maintain.
I also had time to work on a new theme, LiteGnome is a nice, clean and rather smallish eDR.16 theme.

Working on themes.

It’s weekend, and that means it’s time for some serious work ;).
I’ve been working on my Ace theme today, fixed up a few bugs, and added some new borders.