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Gnome Shell 2011-06-26

Another Month, another Screenshot.

Still on gnome-shell, with Zukitwo Theme.

Wallpaper is something i shot this morning.

Gnome Shell 2011-05-28

Gnome Shell on Arch Linux.

I actually quite enjoy using gnome-shell. Thanks for finally breaking up with the true and tried and go try something new and different.

Also about time i posted another Screensot of my desktop.

gnome-shell and gtk themes : [link]

Sunbathing Beetle

A Ladybug enjoying the evenings sun.<br /><br />Touched up in Lightroom

Rusted Clamp

Found in Kronberg on a Castle Wall. <br /><br />Touched up in Lightroom.

Closed Window

Another Wallpaper.<br /><br />Found this in my Hometown, touched up in Lightroom.

Case for GNOME

Case for GNOME. Metacity and GTK+ themes included

Originally done by Maxhimuz ([link]). Thanks for the permission to release this!

Port done mostly by screensots, so it’s probably not 100% accurate.

Goes well with the ‘Gray-ce-full’ icon Theme [link]

The GTK+ theme needs ‘Candido’ as engine: [link]

This is my first ever Metacity and GTK+ theme, please report any bugs you find.

Included in the Zip: - Bauhaus Font used for Titlebars - conkyrc - shell script to disable Titlebar transparency in compiz (it ruins the look imo)


Well there haven’t been a lot of quality winamp/xmms skins on devART lately. Today i found this one which is really awesome. Just wanted to share it with you :)


I’ve uploaded the theme to deviantart, finally. Hope you like this version. Thanks to everyone for the comments! The theme on this site is updated too, of course…


Well, here it is. The k10k enlightenment theme. Designed after the great k10k website. Epplet and Eterm automode support is missing, because i don’t use it ..

Hope you enjoy this theme!


Just one of my themes uploaded to devart. It’s the ace theme ported to enlightenment.

LiteGnome for Enlightenment

I thought i’d upload another screenshot, this time featuring my LiteGnome port to Enlightenment. Also taken the bg from and modified it to fit my needs (ever tried to find bg images for a combo resolution ??? 1600x1200+1280x1024)



DreamWorkSE is a port of a rather old theme to E.16.

It’s dark and has large title bars. This is also one of my first ethemes.

Hope you like it, comments welcome!

Ace Linux Desktop

Well, here we go!
This is my first submission to deviantart, it’s just a screenshot of my shiny Linux Desktop running Enlightenment.

Cheers People!

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